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This Report a Violation Litter Form provided courtesy of Keep Arizona Beautiful and ADOT.

  • If roadway debris poses an immediate threat to safety, call 9-1-1. If you see large accumulations of debris along the freeway that is not in the roadway, contact the Arizona Department of Transportation at 602-712-7355.
  • If you witness someone littering from a vehicle in the state of Arizona, you can report the incident by using the form below or by calling the litter hotline toll free at 1-877-3LITTER (354-8837). Please make sure to answer all the questions, including your name and address, to ensure a follow-up to the incident.
  • Any personal information included in this report will not be shared with the litterer or any other third parties. View our privacy policy here.
  • * If you would like to report illegal dumping, please click here.

This symbol: » indicates information that is required in order to submit a littering report.

» Please tell us what items you saw littered and check any pertinent items.

Cigarette ButtsFast Food ContainersOther Paper ItemsConstruction DebrisOther - Please Describe

Other Litter

» Please provide the location where you observed littering.

Location description length is limited to 1000 characters maximum.

Example: North Bound I-17 at Dunlap Exit OR West Bound Thomas near 7th Street


If you were on, or close to, a highway, freeway, or interchange, please indicate the roadway(s). Please select no more than two items.

Freeway Location:
Please enter both freeway and intersection/mileage information. If your freeway location is not listed here, please enter the location in the text box only.

I-40I-10I-17Loop 101202 Red Mountain202 San TanSR 51US 60SR 143I-19SR 69SR 87SR 89SR 90SR 92

» What date did you see this happen?

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Please provide a description of the vehicle.

Try to be as accurate as possible regarding vehicle make and model. Example: (make) Toyota or Ford and (model) Corolla or Taurus. Letters cannot be generated without the license plate information, or for out of state vehicles, but this information is still useful for statistical analysis.

Vehicle license must be entered in upper case.

Vehicle Color

Vehicle Make

Vehicle Model/Description

Vehicle Lic. #

State Issuing License Plate

Please provide any other comments you believe to be pertinent to this incident.

Comments length is limited to 1000 characters maximum.

For instance, you observed littering from the same vehicle more than once during the same incident. (The driver threw out 3 items over a 15 minute period)

Please provide your contact information.

This information remains strictly confidential but is very helpful for statistical analysis in determining areas which are underserved by the litter hotline. This information is never, under any circumstances, shared with any third party — including the litterer.

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